I am interested in multimodality, or how different modalities work together to make meaning, with an emphasis on cultural and social contexts. Past projects in multimodality include Rhetoric Remix, and exploration of the digital composing processes in two different units of study: One, a digital self portrait using social media, and another, a visual cultural exploration of Romeo and Juliet. Spin-off book chapters from these projects include “Song of Myself” in Toward a More Visual Literacy: Shifting the Paradigm with Digital Tools and Young Adult Literature and a forthcoming chapter on canonizing youth voices through students writing alongside the documentary Romeo is Bleeding. Working on another collaboration with a middle school for further investigations in digital composing processes.

Current projects include an ethnography on urban renewal and the effects of gentrification on identity in a borderland, or the fringes of renewal and the longstanding downtown neighborhood. Another project in the works draws on oral history to connect parents and teachers in urban schools. Stay tuned!

As a former English teacher with career-tech experience, I’ve had opportunities to work with kids in project based learning, design thinking, and innovative writing and literary practices. 

Over ten years of experience teaching inservice and preservice teachers in higher education, district-level professional development, and leadership roles in professional organizations, such as the Southern Nevada Writing Project (SNWP) and Southern Nevada Teachers of English (SNCTE). District-level work with new teachers and mentors included K-12. Extensive experience designing and teaching online. All of these professional experiences inform my work as teacher educator and researcher. 

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Literacy. Early career scholar of multimodal composition with interdisciplinary connections in visual culture and rhetoric, writing, and Secondary English education. Teacher educator.


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